Mouldy Thursday

Diane_M Greene greened at AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU
Wed Jun 21 18:15:50 EST 1995

reminder of the special mouldy thursday meeting and a few coming up:


June 22			Reinhard Agerer			Ectomycorrhizae
			Institute of 
			Systematic Botany

July 6			Bill Denison			Raw Log Imports
			Oregon State University	
			Dept. of Botany and 
			Plant Pathology

Sept 7			Torgny Unestam			Mycorrhiza and 
			Swedish Universtity		Root Rot Function,
			for Agricultural		Nutrient Micro-
			Sciences			loops and hyper- 
			Uppsala				Symbiosis May Change 
							Our Views

October 5		Bruce McCune			The Decay of the 
			Oregon State University		Concept of Old Growth
			Dept. of Botany			as the End all 
			and Plant Pathology		for Lichens
Nov 2			open

Dec 7			Nancy Weber			TBA
			Oregon State University
			Dept of Forest Sciences

Meetings are noon
Cordley 4083 (old Herbarium Library)
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon


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