O.Petrini email address

Marco Floriani mflorian at sun10.inf.unitn.it
Wed Jun 21 01:26:37 EST 1995

riku at jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca (Richard Wilson Phys Ed) wrote:

> Hi I am looking for O.Petrini's email address. Does anyone have it.
> Rick  

PETRINI, Orlando
<petrini at aeolus.ethz.ch>
Tera D'Sott 5, CH-6949 Comano, Switzerland.

I've found this information on Mycologists Online, the directory of E-mail
addresses of mycologists and lichenologists edited by Pavel Lizon and Erast
Parmasto. When you're looking for some mycologist's address, I suggest you
to take a look at it. Mycologists Online can be found at this URL:


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