Graduate Degree

Chuck Staben staben at
Thu Jun 22 14:51:57 EST 1995

There are many different ways of studying fungi and of studying biology by using fungi.
I like to think that labs like mine offer some of both views, although I have
no training, little experience, (and probably no expertise) in classical mycology.

You may find that you can identify faculty members in biology, plant pathology, forestry, 
botany, molecular biology, microbiology, and other departments, all of whom offer training
in mycology.  If you are geographically restricted, I would simply look at the faculty
lists at institutions close to the area in which you live.

My feeling is that M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are quite different from one another in most fields. 
Be certain that you want to get a Ph.D., usually a considerable undertaking, before you
devote yourself to it.  You should probably also realize that many Ph.D. and M.S. programs
offer stipends to students that are (barely) sufficient for sustaining a frugal life style.

Good luck in finding a program that suits you.

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