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Thu Jun 22 05:38:09 EST 1995

Does anyone have any information on the ecology of Blastomyces (not 

I am involved in the identification by sequencing of fungal mycelia in 
roots and spores from the soil.  Sequences have been detected which are 
similar but not identical to the database entry for B. dermatitidis.  
Although this is not one of the genera of interest , it would be useful 
to know whether any  species (or indeed genera) related to this one are 
likely to be found in a soil/root environment  and that these are 
therefore genuine sequences arising from the study sites (the alternative 
may be that  they  arise from a contaminating laboratory source).  The 
identification of these Blastomyces -like sequences has been surprising 
however, because the number obtained is greater than one would expect if 
they arose from contaminating cells in view of the excess of the 
'correct' template present in the PCR reactions.  In addition, the 
sequences show some minor sequence variation (thus eliminating the 
possibility of a rogue PCR contaminant).  

I would be most grateful if some information could be forthcoming on 
these observations by a member/s of the discussion group.

many thanks,

Justin P. Clapp (Dr.) University of York, UK  

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