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Z. Luo, M. Freitag and M. S. Sachs (Mol.Cell. Biol., in press).
Translational regulation in response to changes in amino acid availability
in Neurospora crassa.

We examined the regulation of Neurospora crassa arg-2 and cpc-1 in response
to amino acid availability.  arg-2 encodes the small subunit of
arginine-specific carbamoyl phosphate synthetase; it is subject to unique
negative regulation by Arg and is positively regulated in response to
limitation for many different amino acids through a mechanism known as
cross-pathway control.  cpc-1 specifies a transcriptional activator
important for cross-pathway control.  Expression of these genes was
compared to that of the cytochrome oxidase subunit V gene, cox-5.  Analyses
of mRNA levels, polypeptide pulse labeling results and the distribution of
mRNA in polysomes indicated that Arg-specific negative regulation of arg-2
affected both the levels of arg-2 mRNA and arg-2 mRNA translation.
Negative translational effects on arg-2 and positive translational effects
on cpc-1 were apparent soon after cells were provided with exogenous Arg.
In cells limited for His, increased expression of arg-2 and cpc-1, and
decreased expression of cox-5, also had translational and transcriptional
components.  The arg-2 and cpc-1 transcripts contain upstream open reading
frames (uORFs), as do their Saccharomyces cerevisiae homologs CPA1 and
GCN4.  We examined the regulation of arg-2-lacZ reporter genes containing
or lacking the uORF start codon; the capacity for arg-2 uORF translation
appeared critical for controlling gene expression.

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