Little Funny Mushrooms

Wade Stiffle rmp at
Thu Jun 29 11:03:05 EST 1995

This is the URL of Psylocybe Fanaticus


once there (click on   fanaticus)

If you want to grow the little "funny" mushrooms, this myco-company (Seattle)
markets the most amazing (in its simplicity and effectiveness) cultivation technique
in history.  It is becoming the rage.  It can make anyone an expert at the cultivation
of the little "funny" mushrooms.

Also check this out.  This is the URL of a myco-company in Vienna Austria.

once there  (click on  Astoria.ossip)

I just recently cultivated a skimpy and typically flimsy (thin paper) little spore
print from them.  Spore culture on brown rice agar (a Psylocybe Fanaticus technique)
has resulted in a massive and clean germination.  Excellent!                                                   

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