Atlas of Clinical Fungi

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Fri Jun 30 15:52:03 EST 1995

Hi there!! just for your information:
Just got a peak at the new book "Atlas of Clinical Mycology"
by G.S de Hoog & J. Guarro
ISBN 90-70351-26-9 Centraalbureau vor Schimmelcultures, Baar and Delft,
The Netherlands 1995

It is destined to be a classic for all those dealing with the "Fungi 
Imperfecti" and other organism that affect humans or animals in general.
It has beautiful pictures, beautiful drawings...Everyone in a Clinical
Mycology laboratory or in microbiology should try to get this one no 
matter what the cost turns out to be!!!! 
My Kudos to Drs G.S. de Hoog and J. Guarro


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