Handbook of Applied Mycology

Jessie Micales jmicales at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Jun 30 14:49:07 EST 1995

>   Hi
>Could anyone tell me whether the above book, by Dilip K. Arora, is worth 
>$750 American? I assume that is the hardcover copy. If anyone knows of a 
>copy that is for sale at a lower price, I would appreciate some advice as 
>to how to acquire it.

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The Handbook of Applied Mycology is actually in 5 volumes.  The subtitles 
are: Soil and Plants; Humans, Animals, and Insects; Foods and Feeds; Fungal 
Biotechnology; and Mycotoxins in Ecological Systems.  The $750 probably 
refers to the whole set, each book can be purchased individually for a 
lesser price.  The volume on Fungal Biotechnology contains 34 chapters, many 
of them written by world experts in the field.  (Of course, since I am one 
of those authors, albeit not a world expert, my opinion is not 
entirely objective!)

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