Yellow Moral (sic)

Wed Mar 1 01:53:18 EST 1995

I agree that having a resident expert check out your find is the way to
go.  Last year about this time one of the undergrads at our school used
his favorite field guide to harvest some delectables from our nearby
forests.  He cooked them up (a pot full) and ate 'em all...then, he spent
7 hours in our local ER worshiping the porcelin god...he wanted to die, but
he lived.  He ate a mess of Hygrocybe flavescens.  

Several problems with this picture...1) don't eat anything without absolute
identification, 2) don't eat more than a couple of forks-ful of a new
mushroom, 3) verify your first attempt at verification with someone
who knows the edibles in your area.

Good luck on the morels, I hope they turn out to be the treats you're 
looking for.

Linda Evers
eversl at

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