mito membrane protein fractions

Nora Plesofsky-Vig npv at MANI.CBS.UMN.EDU
Thu Mar 2 17:51:35 EST 1995

I have not actually subfractionated mitochondria, but here are some  
references for the published procedures:

	Sottocasa GL et al., J. Cell Biol. 32 (1967):415-436
	Riezman H et al., EMBO J. 2 (1983): 1105-1111
	Freitag H et al., Eur. J. Biochem: 126 (1982): 197-202
	       "             "           : 123 (1982): 629-636

The protein content of the inner mitochondrial membrane is apparently  
much greater than that of the outer membrane. You could make  
submitochondrial particles (by sonication) to separate the membranes  
from the matrix proteins.

Nora Plesofsky-Vig

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