Yellow Moral (sic)

Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Sun Mar 5 19:12:41 EST 1995

In regards to some mushrooms making some people sick, as far as I know it 
is not uncommon.
Many people eat Verpa Bohemica-
I have eaten them without any bad effects.
My wife wanted to try them, I parboiled them,
I through out the water 3 times,
I cooked the hell out of them.
I allowed her to eat 6 small ones.
She liked them and wanted more, but I would not allow it.
Now she calls them "acher-makers" and will not eat them again.
Also, beware of edible mushrooms from suburban lawns containing 
pesticides or herbacides or whatever.
I never eat a new mushroom on the first find.
I always try very small amounts.
I only sample really good ones.
I eat "old friends" without hesitation,  like white and yellow 
chanterelles, true morels, rozites, hericium, boletus edulis and B. 
mirabilis, hydenums etc...but I do not serve them to others.
I avoid mushrooms other's eat like Lepiota rachodes, sulfur shelves, 
honey mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, and all amanitas.
There are no extra points for eating what you find, so eat what you like 
and eat what you know.  Never eat a mushroom to prove something.

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