postdoc positions

Claude Selitrennikoff claudes at ESSEX.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
Fri Mar 10 09:33:59 EST 1995

Three postdoctoral positions are available beginning July 1 to study the 
molecular biology of cell-wall assembly of Neurospora crassa.  
These positions are funded from a 3-year NIH RO1.   
Requirements for two postions include experience with 
fungal growth and molecular biology of filamentous fungi, including 
screening libraries by sibselection, the isolation and cloning of genes 
and cDNAs.  Some experience with Candida albicans a plus.  
The other postion will involve the purification of an 
integral membrane enzyme complex, (1,3)B-glucan synthase.  
Experience concerning protein purification a must.

Please reply to:

Claude P. Selitrennikoff
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver CO 80262

I will be at the Fungal Genetics Meeting at Asilomar in late March.

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