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rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA (Richard Winder) writes:

|:Yes!  If anyone could report the northward progress of morel fruiting in
|:North America &/or the West Coast, it would really be a big help to those of
|:us who have to plan dates for mushroom club forays (some members in my
|:group are still not convinced there's even such thing as a morel- we seem
|:to have hit all the wrong dates and places last year.)

Morel hunting is not an armchair occupation.  I doubt you will have much
luck, considering the variety of microclimates on the Pacific coast.

I spotted a couple verpa bohemica last week around Roseburg.  There weren't
enough for a meal, and I was planting a thousand Douglas Fir seedlings, so
I covered a *lot* of ground.  The weather was warm and sunny.  200 miles
farther south it was cold and rainy.  A few days of local fog can screw up
a morel fruiting.

The best thing you can do is wait until the ground starts to warm and then
go out and hike 20 miles with your nose at knee level.  Remember to outfit
your club members with a survival pack.

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