Hypoxylon fragiforme

Sat Mar 11 13:15:21 EST 1995

     I would like to obtain a sample of Hypoxylon fragiforme or 
another green Hypoxylon species. I have read a paper on a green fungal 
pigment, hypoxyxylerone with great interest (Edwards RL, Fawcett V, 
Maitland DJ, Nettleton R, Shields L, Whalley JS: Hypoxyxylerone. A 
novel green pigment from the fungus Hypoxylon fragiforme (Pers.: 
Fries) Kickx. J Chem Soc, Chem Commun 1009-10, 1991). Although, 
principally I am interested in the biosynthesis of complex plant 
pigments of heartwood, I like to learn about novel chromophores of 
other kingdoms. Especially if it is from a fungus that may grow in 
wood. Can these fungi cause green stains in woods? Basically, I try to 
find out if the pigment I am dealing with is of plant or maybe 
Hypoxylon origin. I know it is not due to Chlorociboria sp.
     I would greatly appreciate if one could send me a Hypoxylon
fragiforme isolate that is green, or a similar green species.

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