Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Mon Mar 13 18:58:38 EST 1995

In Regards to a morel found at UW-

Are you sure it is a morchella genus morel and not a Verpa genus early 
morel?  The Verpas are wrinkly, and the head is connected to the stem 
only at the top of the stem, and the stem is filled with a cottony 
material. The morchellas are PITTED, not wrinkled, and the head is joined 
to the stem at the base of the head, and the stem is hollow.  Would you 
be willing to say where you found it? I was going down to the U on 
tuesday anyway, and I would like to look for some to photograph.  I am 
planning my first trip to my favorite spot near portland next week, but I 
expect to find only verpas.  Please pardon me if this information is an 
insult to your knowledge of morels. Happy hunting.


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