MushroomPeople Apology

Stamets 1 stamets1 at
Tue Mar 14 16:14:09 EST 1995


I am patiently awaiting an apology from MushroomPeople for the
non-permissioned use of my Overview of Cultivation Techniques that
they included in a mailing to their customer base advertising a March
by Bob Harris. They used this drawing without my permission, without
acknowledgement or reference. As part of our legal settlement, they were
to mail an apology to the same list which originally received the first

Despite their assurances, I have not received the apology via the second
mailing whereas I did receive the first one which illegally used my
material. Naturally, I  wonder whether this second mailing was sent to the
customer base.

I am simply asking: Has anyone received a mailing of  the apology?

 I am asking members of Bionet.mycology for help in this matter.

Thank you.

Paul Stamets

ps: On another matter, a group in New Zealand has copied portions of
Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms, including my photographs (and other 
contributors to this book) and are using them for advertising,
and other purposes. One correspondent said that bootleg copies of this 
book are also being distributed. Does anyone know anything about this ????

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