Neurospora Methods Manual

Dan Ebbole dje0282 at VMS1.TAMU.EDU
Wed Mar 15 09:22:28 EST 1995

I believe there is a flaw in  the plan suggested by Jennifer Loros for
disseminating the protocol manual at Asilomar.  Just because one does not
have a rigorously tested protocol to share does not seem like a good
justification for being excluded from receiving a copy of the protocols.  I
guess labs could bring something that sort of works sometimes so they could
avoid being excluded, but that would be rather a waste of everyone's time. 
Certainly some folks will bring portable computers, so perhaps bringing 50
hard copies and a file on disk for mac or dos format (someone surely will
should have a labtop that will read both formats to allow file copying at
least).  The collection of protocols should then be obtainable by request
or by WWW from FGSC.
Dr. Daniel Ebbole
dje0282 at
Dept. of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
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