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Wed Mar 15 11:56:44 EST 1995

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> Folks-

> I am patiently awaiting an apology from MushroomPeople for the
> non-permissioned use of my Overview of Cultivation Techniques that
> they included in a mailing to their customer base advertising a March
> workshop
> by Bob Harris. They used this drawing without my permission, without
> acknowledgement or reference. As part of our legal settlement, they were
> to mail an apology to the same list which originally received the first
> mailer.

> Despite their assurances, I have not received the apology via the second
> mailing whereas I did receive the first one which illegally used my
> copyrighted
> material. Naturally, I  wonder whether this second mailing was sent to the
> same
> customer base.

> I am simply asking: Has anyone received a mailing of  the apology?

>  I am asking members of Bionet.mycology for help in this matter.

> Thank you.

> Paul Stamets

> ps: On another matter, a group in New Zealand has copied portions of
> Growing
> Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms, including my photographs (and other 
> contributors to this book) and are using them for advertising,
> instructional
> and other purposes. One correspondent said that bootleg copies of this 
> book are also being distributed. Does anyone know anything about this ????

I saw one.

    ---- Mark

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