MushroomPeople Apology

Antonino G. Vetrano fa609 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Mar 15 10:37:11 EST 1995

Dear Mr. Stamets:
	I am sure I saw an apology some weeks back but I am not 
sure if it was in FUNGUS Digest run by I believe R.Arnold at  It was entitled "OOPS".  I know I printed it out
but I won't be able to search for it till Monday.  If you know
of Mr. Arnold and his FUNGUS DIGEST you might get faster results
from him and his.  When I find the copy I will send it by
mail to you at FP.
	I also left a message with Mr. Arnold about this matter
so he might be getting back to you.
				Just trying to help...
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