Fungal Genetics meeting

Thu Mar 16 13:36:31 EST 1995

TO: those planning to come to the meeting at Asilomar CA, 21-26 March.
FROM B. Bowman, UC Santa Cruz.
        Several people have asked about road and weather conditions. 
Because of the recent storms, several roads into the Monterey Peninsula are
closed.  However, usable detours are available in most cases.  The most
serious problem is that the bridge is gone over the Carmel river on the
coast highway (Rt 1).  Those coming from the south should not use RT 1.  It
may also be difficult to get to Point Lobos.  If you come down from San
Francisco, Rt 1 is also closed at the area known as Devil's Slide (well
named).  You can take Rt 1 if you take 92 to Half Moon Bay and then proceed
south.  Between Santa Cruz and Asilomar, Rt 1 is closed near Watsonville,
but there is a detour around this problem.
        As of today (11PM Wed 16 March) the sun is shining and the weather
is beautiful.  Good weather is predicted through Monday.  Some of the road
problems should be fixed by the start of the meeting. 

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