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Sun Mar 19 11:26:40 EST 1995

Novo Nordisk Biotech (nnbt at netcom.com) wrote:
> Are there any experts out there with (successful) experience in hyphal 
> tip isolations? I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used 
> the technique for obtaining "purified" strains/transformants. Perhaps you 
> know of alternatives for obtaining colonies derived from 
> propagules/hyphal fragments containing single nuclei in species with 
> multinucleate spores? If 
> so, and you would like to share the information, please mail me at the 
> address below. Thanks!

> Wendy T. Yoder

> E-mail: windy at nnbt.com

> Novo Nordisk Biotech Inc, 
> 1445 Drew Avenue
> Davis CA 95616 USA

The techniques are as simple as the name.  With some fungi you can
make your life easier by using a low nutrient medium to get thinner,
less branching colonies.  

Be careful though, our experience suggests that at least sometimes the
entire genetic complement is not carried in a single hyphal tip.  

    ---- Mark

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