Suicide Fungi

Richard Winder rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA
Sun Mar 19 18:52:56 EST 1995

In article <3kbg8j$7cl at>, Mathew Campbell
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>Has anyone read any recent references on the use of suicide fungi in
>biocontrol, i.e. the use of fungi which are applied with a nutrient
>adjuvant as bioherbicides.  If so could you PLEASE let me know the
>relevant references.
>Thanks in Advance, 	Mathew Campbell

Mathew- I've worked with bioherbicides for quite a while now, and I've
never heard the term "suicide fungi" before, nor do I see how it relates
to nutrient adjuvants.  Could you be more specific?  There are many types
of nutrient adjuvants used in biocontrol, and there are many types of
fungi used in bioherbicides.  Are you referring to the use of fungi which
may promote the hypersensitive reaction in plants?  If so, there's not been a
whole lot published on the specific topic...	-RSW

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