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Mon Mar 20 22:58:22 EST 1995

There was a good review of the role of pathogens in plant ecology in 1988 
by Carol Augsburger - "Impact of Pathogens on Natural Plant populations" 
in Plant Population Ecology: The 28th symposium of Literature review.  
Symposia of the British Ecological Society.  Blackwell Scientific 
Publications 1988.  vol 28.

At any rate, she states that there is no data available on the extent of 
death due to disease of dormant seeds in the seed bank.  Data may have 
been collected in the last 7 years, but this provides a limit on your search.

As for determining numbers in the soil, most people use the 'shake and 
plate' method to give an 'order of magnitude' estimate of the number of 
individuals in a given volume/weight of soil.

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On Tue, 7 Mar 1995, Laura Hyatt wrote:

> Does anyone know about any fungi that specialize on bringing an end to 
> the life of seeds in the soil?  I am a seed bank ecologist and am 
> wondering about the effects of fungi on seed longevity.  Also, does 
> anyone know about how one might go about measuring and manipulating the 
> abundance of hyphae in the soil?
> Thanks for your attention.
>   Laura
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