Q: using endomychoritzas for agricultural purposes

Peter Herman x5495 rpeter at nmsu.edu
Tue Mar 21 16:40:16 EST 1995

In article <3k8m5o$eco at plootu.helsinki.fi> laakkone at cc.helsinki.fi (Tero Laakkonen) writes:
>i am an organic farmer from hollola, southern finland. i have read intriguing
>reports on using endomychoritzas to mine nutrients out of the depths for
>the benefit of cultivated plants (eg. grains). our fields are said to
>contain a lot of potash, and i want to use endomychoritzas to mine it out.
>can someone point me to a comprehensive guide on how to use these techniques?

On a recent trip to Uppsala, I met a Finnish researcher in
mycorrhizae who is interested in agricultural applications of AMF .
His name is Mauritz Vestberg and he is located at the research
center in Laukka.

I am sure he can steer you to the appropriate information

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