Mycorrhiza/Arctic help

Thomas O'Dell todell at
Mon Mar 27 14:17:12 EST 1995

First, you can try the mycorrhiza list server (micronet at send 
mail with subscribe in the body and you get a reply with more detail.
Second, two recent references:
Bledsoe, C. et al. 1990. Can. J. Bot 68: 1848-1856. A survey of mycorrhizal 
plants on Truelove Lowland, Devon Island, N.W.T., Canada
Kohn, L.M. & Statovski. 1990. The mycorrhizal status of plants at 
Alexander Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Canada, a high Arctic site. Mycologia 
82: 23-35.
I think that so far the generalization is that a higher proportion of 
non-mycorrhizal plants occur at high latitude and elevation... also 
perhaps greater proportions of septate endophytes (dark-septates etc.) 
of unknown function. Some data from studies underway are showing benefits 
to some plants from inoculation with Phialocephala fortinii, a widespread 
septate endophyte of roots. [Jupponen and Trappe, unpublished data] and 
that this species makes available N from organic sources [Johnson and 
Perry unpublished data] you might get some information from Trappe 
[trappej at]
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