Fungi Protein; complete or incomplete?

G Turner mb1gt at
Tue Mar 28 04:32:32 EST 1995

Eric Grunden (egrunden at wrote:

: No plant contains all of the "essential" proteins needed
: by humans, however most meats do. I know that fungi have
: higher levels of protein than plants, but is that protein
: complete or incomplete with relation toward humans?

Quorn mycoprotein sold in the U.K. in supermarkets is 
reckoned to be a good meat substitute.  It is made from 
Fusarium graminearum.  I dont know if it is complete, 
but you could ask
Prof. Tony Trinci, email tony.trinci at

or Marlow Foods, Stokesley, Middlesborough, Cleveland
U.K. TS9 7AB, Fax +44 1642 712485

Not on sale in the U.S. yet, but they have plans ...

 Geoff Turner
 University of Sheffield

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