BASTA selection

G Turner mb1gt at
Tue Mar 28 04:11:14 EST 1995

Can anyone advise me on BASTA selection in 
N. crassa transformation.  We have made a construct 
in the expression vector pBARGRG1, and were sent a 
solution of BASTA at 600mg/ml.  The recommended level 
of 200-300ug/ml does not appear to inhibit our 
strain  of N. crassa.  Although it is an am mutant,
deleted for glutamate dehydrogenase, it is grown on 
medium with proline instead of ammonium, so I cannot 
see how this might affect sensitivity to BASTA.
Is our BASTA inactive, and where could I get some 
more from?

 Geoff Turner
 University of Sheffield

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