Midwest morels

Tryggvi Emilsson EMILSSON at C.SCS.UIUC.EDU
Tue Mar 28 11:53:08 EST 1995

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Subj:	Morel trackers

For those who are tracking morels, we've only got one (1) to report from
Vancouver Island so far.   -RSW

  RICHARD WINDER                    Title: Research Scientist
  Canadian Forest Service           Phone: (604) 363-0773
  Victoria, B.C.                    Internet: RWINDER at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA

Does anybody know what the timing of the appearance of morels in the upper 
Midwest is,relative to the Pacific Northwest? Is there any correlation at all?

Tryggvi Emilsson
Dept.of Chemistry
U.of Illinois

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