Mycorrhiza/Arctic help

Vikram Prabhu prabhuv at
Tue Mar 28 10:22:27 EST 1995

Aubrey Jackson (yu122562 at wrote:
: I am trying to find information on the importance of mycorrhizae
: activity to the growth of arctic plants.  I specifically need to know
: if there are any good articles out there.  Any help will be
: appreciated.  Thanks
: 			A.J.

See article in Nature (1993 I think) by Stewart Chapin and others on 
arctic plants using organic nitrogen, with no evidence of mycorrhizal 
colonization. (Most plants anyhow readily use free amino acids and 
peptides when supplied).  
Finding mycorrhiza-like fungal colonization in plants is not necessarily 
a good indication of the physiological role for the fungi, though some 
recent papers indicate that Phialophora, Phialocephala etc colonize 
alpine/arctic plants. These fungi exhibit a variety of symbiotic 
relationships with plants, depending on the plant and "environmental" 

Vik Prabhu

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