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Lewis Melville lmelvill at
Wed Mar 29 15:37:51 EST 1995

: Aubrey Jackson (yu122562 at wrote:
: : I am trying to find information on the importance of mycorrhizae
: : activity to the growth of arctic plants.  I specifically need to know
: : if there are any good articles out there.  Any help will be
: : appreciated.  Thanks
: : 	

Dryas integrifolia is 
ectomycorrhizal ( as are other Dryas species), and acts as an early 
colonizer in recently glaciated regions /and/or the boreal forest. The 
fungus allegedly retrieves P in nutrient poor soils which would otherwise 
be inaccessible to the plant. I have a couple of papers on the structure 
and ultrastructure of Dryas ectomycorrhizas, but there isn't much there 
on ecology. Botanical Gazette 148:332-341 (1987) and Botanical Gazette 
149: 409-418 (1988). Sorry but I don't have any reprints left. 
	While the fungal component may play a passive role in the 
association, it's presence hints at some kind of function, albeit an 
unproven one.
 good luck. 
 lewis melville. 

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