black morel and woodland russula

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Thu Mar 30 06:02:28 EST 1995

ksanders at (Ken Sanderson) wrote:
> [...]
> Second,  is there any other mushroom that has the distinctive shrimp or 
> fishy smell that the woodland (shrimp) russula (Russula xerampelina) has? 
> The ones I find never seem to exactly fit the desc in the guides.
> Thanks in advance
> Ken Sanderson

The Russula xerampelina group is considered one of the biggest problems
by "Russulologists". I think that at least 20 varieties or very close-
ly related species have been described, but nobody knows if they are
good species or simply ecological forms of R. xerampelina. Last fall
I've been to Sardinia and I was almost unable to recognize the R. xe-
rampelina which grows there under Quercus ilex, Q. suber and other
mediterranenan trees. But they had the same unpleasant smell they have
in the North of Italy.
	So, I think it's not surprising that you haven't found a great
similarity between what you have found and what you can see on mycology
books. Probably your mushrooms are R. xerampelina, as you thought.

   					Marco Floriani
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