postdoctoral position available

Richard D. Reeleder REELEDERR at EM.AGR.CA
Fri Mar 31 10:21:15 EST 1995


Description:  Research in use of organic materials, biowastes, etc, for
development of soils suppressive to soilborne diseases of ginseng
caused by Phytophthora cactorum and Cylindrocarpon destructans.  
Determine  efficacy of amendments in field plots and participate in a
collaborative project aimed at identifying characteristics of amended
suppressive soils.  We are looking for someone with demonstrated
research experience in this area or a related area (plant pathology, soil
microbiology).  Applicants must not have received their PhD more than
five years previously and must not have previously received an NSERC
Visiting Fellowship.

Term:  One year contract with renewal for a second year.  Salary:
approximately $35,000 CDN.

Availability: immediate

For further information, please contact:

                        Dr.  R.D. Reeleder
                        Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
                        Pest Mangement Research Centre
                        DELHI, Ontario, Canada N4B 2W9

                        internet:  reelederR at EM.AGR.CA
                        fax:        519-582-4223
                        phone:    519-582-1950

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