black morel and woodland russula

MYCOCHEF mycochef at
Fri Mar 31 10:09:13 EST 1995

good technique by jim berlstein on de-worming morels.  around here in no.
calif we do not find that many infested--just lucky, i guess.  btw the
season is beginning to pop in the lowerelevation of the sierras.
the shrimp russula is a gnarly one to identify, correctly.  I have been
hunting many times with David Arora and have found this mushroom that he
calls  r. xerampelina.--the stem almost always turns a yellowish amber
when scratched with a fingernail, the very rim of the margin appears
pinkish red when the mushroom is held upside down, the cap has stuff stuck
to it, it smells fishy at maturity, and, most importantly to me (a chef),
the taste is never acrid, in fact, never bad at all.  This "test", e.g.,
not tasting bad is the one we use to determine if any russulas are edible.
 Some not to popular russuals can be made very savory. . . . 

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