mystery mycena

Otto Lang mst1 at
Mon May 1 19:30:54 EST 1995

I wonder if someone can, ummmh, "shed some light" on this
mystery mushroom which glows in the dark.

A York University student called me to find out
where he could collect ~Mycena lux-coeli~, a mushroom
mentioned in "Biology of Plants", by Raven, Ewert &
Eichhorn, 5th edition, 1992, Worth Publishers,p.97
ISBN 0-87901-532-2 (described by him as the 
standard botany text)

The interesting feature is said to be the bio-luminescence.
I have no quoted author(s) of the ; I couldn't find any
reference to it in Singer, Moser, and nobody in the Mycological
Society of Toronto was of any help.

Any info would be appreciated, I'm sure.

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