Morels gone bad!?

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at TELEPORT.COM
Fri May 5 01:02:08 EST 1995

	I too have reasoned that morels simply dry in situ.  But I have 
found that the very large morels that have been morels a lonnnnngggg 
while are very strong and taste terrible.  These usually will have 
somewhat orange stipes.  The stipes additionally will appear coarsely 
	We also have noted that there appears to be a larger percentage 
of poisonings from drier areas of Oregon -- near the Blue Mountains -- 
every spring.  I suspect this may in fact be due to spoilage occurring on 
	My feeling is that if you recognize what a good morel tastes like 
-- and more importantly what a good morel smells like when fresh -- you 
probably won't go wrong.  
	Also -- I have found that what appears irresistible in the field 
often appears less than tempting in the kitchen.  It may have something 
to do with the abated fervor AFTER the hunt.

Lorelei Norvell

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