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Kathie T. Hodge kh11 at
Sat May 6 09:44:30 EST 1995

Those of you seeking mycological information on the web might want to check
out a page I maintain for the WWW Virtual Library.  It's an attempt to
synthesize resources in mycology that are available on the internet, and
owes much to Keith Seifert and Ulf Thrane, who put together the first
compilation of mycological internet resources last year.

Among other things, you'll find access to culture collection databases,
image archives, the MSA Bulletin Board, various directories of mycologists,
archives of Inoculum (the MSA newsletter), and the awesome databases of the
U.S. National Fungus Collections.

You can find the page on the Cornell Biodiversity & Biological Collections
Web Server at:

If you know of a resource that I've missed, I'd love to hear about it!

Kathie Hodge
overextended grad. student,
Dept. of Plant Pathology
Cornell University

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