Aspergillus in Ventilation Systems

Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Sat May 6 09:21:21 EST 1995

You had best use face respirators and bag up anything your remove.  It
is likely that species of Aspergillus (the most dangerous being A.
fumigatus) can survive in any HVAC ductwork that has had humidification
in it.  If someone were to run into a "pocket" of spores and inhales
them, they could potentially get an infection.

Tyvek coats would be useless.  A change of clothing and a shower would
do just as well.  The spores will not grow on someone UNLESS they have
an open would AND have an immune-deficiency problem: if you have an
employee with HIV or who has been ill from a major disease, they
shouldn't go in.  In addition to respirators, they should also wear
earplugs, as A. fumigatus can also infect the ear.

-Steve Carpenter
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Peter E. Roddy (proddy at wrote:
: I have been asked to "find" information on Aspergillus.  The fungi is
: probably in our heating and air conditioning ducts that are scheduled
: for cleaning with a water solution.  While I have located a lot of back-
: ground info, I have not been able to find specific recommendation for
: employees that are to clean the ducts that contain this fungi and perhaps
: others as well.

: Can anyone offer some specifics (i.e., full face respirator with HEPA
: filters, gloves, tyvek suits, etc.?)  If you know of an article I should
: read I would very much appreciate that information also.

: My primary concern is to provide employees that best possible protection
: while they accomplish this task.

: Thank you for any assistance.

: Peter Roddy, Manager
: Environmental Health and Safety
: California State University, Sacramento
: Internet:  proddy at

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