Morels in Vancouver

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>>I finally found some morels in Vancouver yesterday. After trying a few   
>>areas with no success, we went to the Granville Market and bought some   

>>PS: I'm STILL trying to find out (roughly) where and when to pick my own.

>  Morels have  been out on the Island now for several weeks, as well as
> the Puget Sound  area- I expect lower mainland B.C. has had them out now
> for a while as  well.   I will be leading a
> morel foray for the South Vancouver Island Mycol. Soc. to the Sooke
> Hills on Saturday.  We are still scouting out sites, though, so I can't
> guarantee success.  I found  one early morel in the area we'll be trying. 
> It gets colder as you go in from the sea and up in elevation, so I'm
> hoping we'll hit the right altitude and  time combination eventually. 

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I've been looking for morels on the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island,
withought success.  What do you know about the timing of their appearance?
I found, what I feel to be a likely spot this evening, but came up empty.
There were a couple of other types of mushroom there, but since morels are
the only ones I "know", I can't tell you what they were.  

I haven't found morels on the island yet.  I picked morels for years in
Ontario, but haven't been able to get the feel of when to find them here -
the season being more gradual.
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