Wood Ear

Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Mon May 8 23:06:57 EST 1995

This time of the year would indicate that you have a species of Peziza
or a relative.  These are not Wood Ears.  They are Ascomycete cup-fungi
and not much is known about their edibility.  Go to the library and
check out a book on wild mushrooms.  

-Steve Carpenter
 Cascade Research Associates
  & Abbey Lane Laboratory

Bill Painter (billp at billp.cdp.state.ne.us) wrote:
: I have located what appears to be Wood Ear but it was growing on the 
: ground in wood chips.  It is in the shape of a bowel and jelly like 
: in look and texture.  I found it growing during some cool weather 
: 50-60 degrees and lots of rain.  I have picked wood ear in the forest
: on trees but never on the ground. Could this be just a different 
: strain?  Also if anyone has good recipes for cooking wood ear 
: please post them!

: Bill Painter                

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