Aspergillus Niger

Chuck Staben staben at
Mon May 8 20:42:02 EST 1995

KUKH82A at (Larry Bucknum) wrote:
> As part of a recent sinus surgury a fungus culture was taken on specimens 
> from my wife.  They returned positive for Aspergillus Niger.  Two 
> questions?
> 1.  Potential harm in humans?
> 2.  Internet addresses/experts?

I am not an expert, but I would offer some advice.
I recommend that you consult a medical mycologist.
Some (not all) teaching hospitals will have a mycologist.
A. niger is a rare, usually opportunisitic infection in humans.
Aspergillosis in the nasal cavity can be a result of surgical
Aspergillus infection can be serious, particularly to patients with
immune deficiencies, and it is difficult to treat.
Serious, invasive cases are often treated with amphotericin B.
This therapy normally requires hospitilization and would not
usually be a first-choice treatment.
Other therapies might be azoles, such as fluconazole or ketoconazole.
What do your wife's physicians say, and how serious is this
disease to her?

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