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Tue May 9 20:37:13 EST 1995

At 06:09 PM 5/9/95 +0100, monika at wrote:
>Can anyone help me with some information on Boletaceae mushrooms,
especially Boletus edulis, 
>Boletus badius and Suillus luteus.
>I have been doing some research into the antimicrobial activity of 
>these three mushrooms, but I am having difficulty in tracking down 
>any background information on them
>If anyone can help, please tell me on    
>monika at
>Thanks   Monika Filipinska
>The only thing I know about the Boletus is the King variety. Sauted with
parsley and garlic is a delicasy. In France people hunt them in fall.
here in the States I found them in the High Sierra in California in fall
also to be more precise in the Portola Quincy area. Any French can tell you 
more I am out of Europe too long ago and I lost track on some details.

Henri Morin

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