Morels: Environment Info Please. ?Woods ?Margins?

CT taykra at
Thu May 11 15:20:52 EST 1995

I want to again hunt for morels. I am in Central Massachusetts. The only 
I found them (lots) was under the proverbial apple tree, grassy, w/ 
poison ivy also hanging out with them.

Some of you successful hunter/gatherers have said "Get out into the Woods".


1.  Are morels found in woods?  or Wood margins/edges?

2.  Associated trees/plants?  e.g. Oak leaf litter? Grassy/gil-over-the
ground, ferns?  Specifically, what sorts of flora are they found growing
around?  (?Grassy knolls ;-)

3.  How long do they persist, or "flush" (if that's correct lingo).

4.  This is the time of year (week earlier) when I found them in Mass.)
just when the PJMs and forsythia have started, and the oak leaves are just

Could/would someone give me some precious clues about what type of micro
environment to search in.  


5.  I know some mushrooms just appear very quickly, almost, if not, 
"overnight".  e.g. meadow mushrooms. parasols;  Whereas, others, like
Chanterelles hang around for a while and seem to develope slowly.

How are morels?  Fast?  Slow?  to  "pop up"  Thanks folks and happy hunting.

CT    taykra at

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