morels in northern calif.

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Wed May 10 19:33:40 EST 1995

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>after checking out the Sierras five times so far this Spring (to 4,500')
>and a burn near the Mendocino N.F. I can report that those tasty little
>morels have not really popped here yet.  "Indicator" species like certain
>cup fungus are not as abundant as usual either.  Some morels have been
>picked but not like last year at this time when it was easy to harvest 5
>pounds on an outing. . . . This weekend we have a foray of about 50 people
>from the Mycological Sociey of San Francisco going to the Sierras near
>Placerville, Ca. with  David Arora to hunt and to have a feast. . . .BTW
>he reports that they are having a great year for morels in Nepal and he
>will bring some "dung-dried" ones with him. . . .

How could one make themselves part of this foray?  I've just begun
going to meetings at SOMA (SOnoma Mycological Association) but I'm not
yet a member.  Respond privately if you wish.

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