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Wed May 17 11:32:55 EST 1995

T. Valdine Ciwko (au332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
> I have heard that there is a magazine published in the U.S.A.
> that is devoted to mushroom news. This is a popular magazine
> not an academic one. It is national rather than being the 
> journal of any regional or local society. Can anyone tell me
> if this is true and where I can get a subscription? Thanks.

If your interest is hobby new try the other news suggestion.  There is
also a mag called MUSHROOM NEWS but it's pretty much an Agaricus
industry publication.  It is put out by the American Mushroom
Institute (AMI).  Most of the big Agaricus farms belong to the AMI. 
They have conferences, publications, representation at universities,
and a Washington lobbyist.  

Canadian residents might be interested in MUSHROOM WORLD.  Again this
is primarily for Agaricus growers but it has lots of nice science
reprints.  There is also MUSHROOM JOURNAL from england MUSHROOM
INFORMATION from Italy and so on ad nausium.

    ---- Mark

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