Plasmid Preparation for transformation.

G Turner mb1gt at
Fri May 19 11:04:45 EST 1995

Gregory May (gsmay at wrote:

: I have a rather specific question for those transforming Aspergillus nidulans. 
: My group has tried several methods of preparing plasmid DNA for transformation
: but the most reliable one still is to purify the DNA on CsCl ethidium bromide 
: gradients.  This is tedious when you want to make multiple constructs and test
: them for function etc.  Does anyone have a reproducible method of making
: plasmid DNA that transforms each and every time? 

: Thanks,
: Greg
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Dear Greg,
Trying Quiagen ourselves at present.
This is a very important point, though.  In searching for 
genes amongst a small group of cosmid clones (e.g. from 
FGSC library) this is a problem.

Hope you get more constructive answers!

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