Nitrogen nutrition in bark fungi

Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Mon May 22 08:13:18 EST 1995

Our LTER group did substantial research into nitrogen cycling in conifers
during decomposition.  We found substantial nitrogen fixing by free-living

See our article:

Griffiths, R.P. Mark E. Harmon, Bruce A. Caldwell, S.E. Carpenter.  1993.
Acetylene reduction in conifer logs during early stages of decomposition.  
Plant & Soil 148: 53-61

There will be references to allied work in this as well.

CAUTION: Just because we found something in the tree species we observed
         doesn't mean this is applicable to other species of trees in other
         biomes.  We have found that each kind of forest has its own unique
         nitrogen and carbon engines which operate with different assemblages
         of organisms and decomposition time-scales.    

If you are interested in having fungi identified, please contact me.

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