Spring fruiting of Amanita spp.

Nathan Wilson nathan at D2.COM
Wed May 24 15:18:38 EST 1995

> Does anyone have any information on the time frame or the general areas of
> the West coast where Amanita spp. fruit in the spring.

It really depends on which species you're talking about and where in
the state.  I have probably found Amanitas every month of the year
(not certain about July and August).  The spring is a particularly
productive time for the species A. velosa, A. ocreata, A. novinupta,
A. "calyptrata" (spring form) and a couple of species in the
A. pantherina/A. gemmata complex.  Given that you are looking in the
Audubon guide you may not have Arora's "Mushrooms Demystified" which
is by far the best general field guide for Western fungi.  In
particular, it discusses the habitats and fruiting times of all the
species listed above.

At the moment the A. velosa have pretty much disappeared, A. novinupta
(used to be considered A. rubescens) is still being found
occasionally.  A. ocreata is also tapering off.  A. "calyptrata" is
just getting started in the mountains.  I found a couple of beautiful
buttons in the San Bernardino mountains last weekend.

If you want more info, feel free to send me more email.

Nathan Wilson
Minister Emeritus
Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz
nathan at d2.com

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