Viruses with fungus vectors: meeting and WWW site

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Thu Nov 2 04:19:07 EST 1995

The International Working Group on Plant Viruses with Fungus Vectors  (IWGPVFV) 
is arranging its 3rd Symposium on 5-8 August 1996 at the  University of Dundee, 

For presentation at this meeting, we are now inviting papers and posters  on a) 
molecular biology of viruses with fungal vectors, b) virology and  viral 
pathology, c) mycology of vector fungi, d) interaction between  viruses and 
vectors, e) disease resistance, and f) epidemiology and  management.

Full details, including registration and abstract forms are now available and 
have been mailed to all those on the IWGPVFV register. Registration  and deposit 
are required by 10 January 1996. Further copies of this  information, can be 
obtained from me (address below).

There is also a Web page with details of the IWGPVFV and of the August  '96 

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