Doug Rice drice at
Wed Nov 1 18:51:00 EST 1995

Hello fellow fungal folks,

I have embarked on a challenging project that will require the assistance of 
all of you.  Scientists and hobyists alike.  I have begun collecting fungal 
cultures that have been isolated from air samples, specifically the Anderson 
impactor.  I hope to amass a large (75-100) collection to create the 
definitive (!) identification guide of airborne fungi for Industrial 
Hygienists.  I realize that there are excellent texts already available; 
namely Siwert Nilsson's Eurpean Atlas and Grant Smith's Allergenic Pollens and 
Molds.  However, most IH's would like to see the culture as it appears on 
the plate along with the photomicrograph of the spore.

Here's where you can help:  1) I need to know where to purchase a 
large volume of fungal cultures, possibly 50 genera.  2) If you have fungal 
cultures isolated from the air I would like to talk to you about a trade, 
loan, or purchase.  and  3) If you are collecting similar data, let's compare 
notes.  I would like to include extensive statistics in my text concerning the 
prevalence of genera in specific environments.

Many, many thanks in advance.

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