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Mike Griggs mhg3 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 2 15:49:09 EST 1995

There is a DOS program that does weather maps that may be very easily
adapted to your purposes.  Try to enquire in some weather newsgroup.  It
allows mapping temperature fronts and/or isobars from weather stations. 
On a mac one could either Snapshot the map aand fill it in (cut copy and
paste technology).  The high tech way would be to use your data as weather
station recordings to mark boundaries delineating the ranges.  I do not
know the exact DOS name but it is a demo port of a GIS weather map.  Hope
this helps!  Mike

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> Hi, I'm looking for a source of maps of North America, with and without
> state boundaries, that I can download to construct some distribution maps
> for fungal isolates.  I am using ClarisDraw on a Mac.  Does anyone have
> experience in this area?  Thanks, Paul
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